Plaster Pricer started as an excel spreadsheet.

No one ever used it.

Who can be bothered firing up their laptop, entering measurements, taking the laptop back to the office and getting the info off it?

Then in 2010, the iPad came along

This made the (almost) perfect input device - no start-up delay and long battery life.

THEN "The Cloud" started happening

"The Cloud" allows data entered by the plasterer at the building site available to the staff in the office without driving back to the office.

AND THEN Accounting Packages started moving into "The Cloud"

This made the info entered on the iPad able to create a purchase order in Xero or MYOB.

Complimentary Skills & An Opportunity

So Justin (20 years a plasterer) and John (20 years a geek) joined forces to create Plaster Pricer.