We at Plaster Pricer believe that plaster price information is best kept confidential. All price information is stored in your accounting package, not in Paster Pricer itself.

What type of costs are used?

Cost per square meter (m2) of cladding:

The price you pay for sheets of plaster and villaboard is calculated using a price per square meter. Separate prices are stored for each of:

Cost per linear meter of cornice:

The price of the most common cornices are stored as a price per meter.

Cost per item for sundries:

All other items are stored as a price "per each". For example the price you pay for a 20kg bucket of top coat is stored as a single price, NOT as a price per kg.

Which Different Type of Prices are stored:

A different price is used for each different type of plaster. For sheets of cladding, a different per square meter price is stored for each of the following products:

  Boral CSR Default Price
10mm Recessed Edge Wall Plaster     $3.90/m2
10mm Wet Area Plaster      
6mm Cement Sheet ???    
10mm Ceiling Plaster UniSpan    

If you have not entered the price during sign up, and have never changed the price in your accounting software inventory, you will get the 'Example Price' above.

A different per linear meter price is stored for different size scotia:

Size Default Price  
55mm Scotia    
75mm Scotia    
90mm Scotia    

Sundries Pricing:

Other than the items above, everything else is priced on a 'per item' basis.

To change the price you pay for sundries, you need to enter the prices individually in your Inventory.