Plaster Pricer offers a free trial to allow you to see if Plaster Pricer will be of use to you.

Where to go to sign up for the free trial:

Visit to sign up for a free trial.

This site can also be found by clicking the 'FREE TRIAL' picture in the top right corner of the home page:

FREE TRIAL button on home page
Free Trial button on home page

Help on the fields on this screen:

Your Company's Full Name:

Enter the name your company is best know as. This name is used in reports, emails and quotes when ever Plaster Pricer needs to describe your company. You never have to re-type this name in to log in - so you can enter this name with correct Capitalisation, and add "Pty Ltd" to the name to make it correct.

Company Acronym:

Enter a three or four letter long abbreviation of your company's name - don't use any spaces. The value you choose can not be already in use by another company, and it can't start with the two letter 'FT' - Plaster Pricer uses 'FT' as a special abbreviation for internal purposes.

This is used on the login screen, along with your login name and password.

Name (first and last):

Enter "Gary Glitter" or "Rolf Harris" here - in the first name - last name order.

This person's e-mail address:

Note that you should NOT use a group email address here - you should use the email address you use to send email every day.

To un-subscribe from our marketing emails, you need to be able to send an email FROM this address. If your sales team use "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." as a group email address, and you each have your own email accounts, please use your own individual email address. You may not be able to send an email FROM This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to Plaster Pricer (your email probably comes from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Hence Plaster Pricer will not be able to match up emails you send TO us with your account.

Login Name:

Enter your first name, without any spaces. You need to enter this name to log in, so keep it short to make it easy to enter on your tablet.

Your login name must be unique within your organisation - there cannot be two "john" logins for one company - perhaps you could append the first letter of their last name to make the login names different.


Your password must be 4 characters long, but no longer than 12 characters. There is no need for 'complex' passwords - there is NO requirement to enter a number of capitals and/or digits - you can use any characters or digits or symbols.

Passwords are NOT case sensitive - you can enter "password" here, and log in with 'PaSsWoRd".

Company Information - Market Segment

In the free trial, this option is pointless - there is only one market segment available to free trial participants.

When you create a new Plaster Pricer "measure:, your measure contains a set of rooms - "Living"; "Bed 1" etc etc. These default rooms are the default for the "Domestic" market segment.

Plaster Pricer has other market segments that have a different set of default room names for a new measure. For "Commerical" the default rooms are "Reception"; "Office"; "Male Toilets"; "Female Toilet" etc.

When signing up for the free trial, you can ignore this field.


You can customise the currency, 24/12 hour time, preferred date format, timezone and language in this section. The defaults are generally OK for plasterers in Victoria and NSW in Australia.

Plaster Pricer does not rely on these settings very heavily - times and dates are not displayed anywhere, and the currency is generally only relevant once a measure has been moved into your accounting package.

Again the default settings will work well for your free trial.


Once you have entered the required information, click 'Next Page'