Plaster Pricer is an app designed by Australian plasterers for Australian plasterers, to help them measure up, quote and order Imagine a builder calls you requesting an immediate quote Plaster Pricer allows you to measure up a job (on site or off the plan) using an iPad to record the quantities of plaster, cornice, top coat and sundries you need. You enter the quantities of different sheet sizes needed room by room. It also has a list of all possible sundries needed, helping prompt you so that nothing should be forgotten or left out in the quote. Plaster Pricer does the maths and works out the square meters you need straight away. As soon as you hit 'Save', the details of the measure are available for your office manager to see on their computer or iPad as well. From here, you can determine the price (if you calculate using a metre rate) immediately and knock up a quote straight away. If you use Xero, this measure can immediately be made into a purchase order for your supplier, and you can be confident the quantities are exactly as you entered them on site. You also know exactly how much the materials will cost for the order, as you can put in how much your supplier charges you for each item when you initially set up Plaster Pricer.