For Free Trial Participants

What Information Does Plaster Pricer Collect?

For people who sign up for a free trial of the Plaster Pricer, we collect your email address, password, name, and company name.

We also store the information you enter into each measure.

How does Plaster Pricer store this information?

We store your information in a relational database that is firewalled from Internet access. In addition to the Internet firewall, all database accounts that have access to your personal information use passwords generated by a random password generator. This makes it unlikely the database will be infiltrated by a password guessing algorithm.

Plaster Pricer Password Encryption Policy

We offer two ways to set your Plaster Pricer login password. One option is more secure, and the other option is more convenient.

You can either choose your own password; or use the unique password we provide to you when you create your account.

If you choose your own password, we can never remind you what your password is - if you forget the password, you must request a password reset. We then email a link to the email address associated with the account. When you click this link, the system asks you for a new password. If you pick your own password, you cannot make use of Plaster Pricer's convenient 'quick login links' that allow you to log into Plaster Pricer without entering your password (it is encoded in the URL)

If you accept the password we offer you to use, we can email you a reminder of what the password is instead of you needing to reset it. You can also use the more convenient 'one click login' feature of our 'quick login links'

Why the different rules for choosing your own password?

When you choose your Plaster Pricer password, we store it as a salted hash. Even in the unlikely event of our database being compromised, this makes it practically impossible for anyone to find out what you entered as your password. It is common for people to use the same password on many web sites. Storing your password as a salted hash minimises the risk that, if our system is hacked, the hacker can reverse engineer your password and impersonate you on other systems.

However, even we can't reverse the salted hash - so if you forget your password, we can't tell you what it is. Therefore we can't include the password in the 'quick login links'. If we allocate a random password to your account, we can be confident it is not the same as any other password of yours, so even if our systems are compromised, the password obtained is not any use on any system other than Plaster Pricer.

How do we use this information?

Plaster Pricer uses the email address of free trial participants to send Plaster Pricer marketing information during and after the trial period. If you opt out of receiving these emails, Plaster Pricer will terminate your free trial.

How many emails will we send, and can you opt out of these emails?

To opt-out of marketing emails, free trial participants can send a reply email with a subject line containing the (case insensitive) word "unsubscribe", sent as an email with a return address the same as the subscribed email. All marketing emails we send will include this instruction.

We will send no more than two marketing emails per week to any email address during your free trial, and will send no more than one email per month after your free trial.

Six months after your free trial expires, we will not send you any more than one marketing email per year.

The opt-out policy applies to all future emails - if you opt-out, we will not send you any marketing emails either during or after your free trial.

If you opt out of the marketing emails, we will terminate your free trial, as it is not possible for us to communicate by email with you to convert you from a free trial to a paying customer, which is our objective.

What will we NOT do with your information?

We won't sell, give, provide or barter your email address or other information to any other person, entity or business, anywhere in the world (except as required to by Australian State or Federal law).

Paying Customers

In addition to the above information, we store additional information for paying customers:

What additional information do we collect for paying customers?

We collect your ABN as required to invoice you.

We collect other business information required to conduct a normal business to business relationship.

If you choose to pay by credit card, we collect this your credit card details.

How long do we keep Credit Card details for?

If we do store your credit card details, they will be stored on our firewalled, random generated password protected database. They will not be encrypted in the same way as your password is encrypted, as we need to read the information to process future payments.

If you choose to pay by the month by credit card:

We will store your credit card details until you either upgrade to an annual subscription, or cancel your subscription.

After you upgrade or cancel your subscription, you credit card details will still exist on our database backups, but these backups will not be stored on the database server for longer than it takes to complete the backup process. All backup USB drives contain TrueCrypt software generated encrypted volumes, using a 2048 bit key, with a randomly generated password.

If you pay annually by credit card:

If you choose to pay annually by credit card, we will NOT store your credit card details. When your subscription comes due, you will need to re-enter your credit card details.

If you choose an different payment method (other than Credit Card)

If you pay by bank deposit, we will not need your credit card information, so we will not ask for it, nor have an opportunity to store it.

What do we use this additional information for?

We will use this additional information only to conduct a normal business relationship. This may include infrequently communicating with you regarding other products we think may be of interest to you as we get to know your business, but these communications will be infrequent and targeted.

What other emails will we send?

The system is designed to send email alerting you to errors; unusual occurrences and other Plaster Pricer operations. This includes "Bill of Material" emails and emails indicating measures have been archived. These emails will stop if you stop using the Plaster Pricer app.