For the Tradesman - the Plasterer:

Use Plaster Pricer to quickly and accurately work out how big a job is, in square meters of plaster.

Use your iPad or tablet to count out how many sheets of different types of plaster (10mm RE, unispan, cement sheet etc) and different sizes sheets you need.

Add in cornice lengths, battens, furring channels ...

Include sundries such as top coat and sanding materials from a list on the iPad.

Calculate a price using the information on your tablet.

Email the resulting order to your supplier direct from your tablet - knowing that your supplier is getting an order for exactly what you entered.

For the Office Manager

Back at the office, Plaster Pricer allows, the office manager (often also you!) to immediately see the measures entered by the plasterer when on site.

After a plasterer completes a measure, the office staff and the plasterer can be looking at the same information - the plasterer on the iPad and the office manager on the office PC - and discuss the pricing of the job.

Your Office Manager can then find out the price of any special parts of the job.

Xero or MYOB Pricelists:

One part that really improves the speed of creating quotes in the integration with Xero or MYOB.

If you want to place the order you can create an order from Xero or MYOB for exactly the quantities entered in the Plaster Pricer. No more re-typing - Plaster Pricer creates the line items exactly from the numbers entered on the iPad.

[Video of office manager and tradie discussing job on phone with

screen capture of the measure on a PC and the corresponding draft purchase in Xero.]

For the Book Keeper

Orders placed with the supplier are created in Xero before the end of month invoice is received from your plaster supplier.

This allows you to reconcile the statement against the actual orders instead of saying "that looks about right"!

Job-based costing is now much more reliable. If you assign wages to jobs, you can also assign material costs to jobs, so you can analyse if you are making or losing money on each job.